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Emerson BH Schwarz

Normaler Preis €50.00


Emerson Strumpfhalter Schwarz

Normaler Preis €16.00 Sonderpreis €40.00

3 für 2
Emerson String Schwarz Emerson String Schwarz

Emerson String Schwarz

Normaler Preis €26.00


Emerson Strappy Body Schwarz

Normaler Preis €29.00 Sonderpreis €59.00


Emerson Korsage Schwarz

Normaler Preis €27.00 Sonderpreis €68.00

Emerson Body Schwarz

Normaler Preis €54.00

At Bluebella we love creating edgy designs to push the boundaries of erotic lingerie with class and style. The Emerson collection is one of our favourites, combining beautiful, intricate lace with provocative, strappy designs in a variety of beautiful colours.

The open cup Emerson bra is one of our bestselling pieces of erotic underwear. The bra combines an open cup style with delicate lace just covering the central area, which softens the impact of this directional piece. The lace hints at classic lingerie looks, whilst the directional styling and open cup design keep this piece firmly in the 21st Century. Pair with the matching briefs or thong to create an elegant, sensual statement look.

Other key pieces in the Emerson collection are the strappy harness and bodysuit. These pieces are perfect if you are looking for elegance and style with a sexy edge. The harness combines an chic lace brief with an adjustable collar. The harness banding tracks up the centre line of the body, before settling in a double-banded collar around the neck. This kinky lingerie piece works with light bondage references, adding a sexy feel to this delicate garment. The bodysuit has a similar feel, with the same open cups embellished with delicate lace as found in the bra. The web of slim bands hints at bondage styles, with diagonal lines across the waist sculpting the body and flattering the form.

The Emerson collection is sophisticated erotic lingerie, made for every woman who wants to feel sexy and beautiful.