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Dare To Bare

This September, to mark London Fashion Week, we wanted to celebrate our love of our city and our unique approach to life and fashion with a very special catwalk show...
We dared our Instagram family to take part in a Bluebella fashion show in the most iconic of London hotspots... Oxford Circus.
What ensued was the most inspiring of days. Real girls, each uniquely beautiful, bold and full of Bluebella attitude. Friendships were made as each of our girls pushed their boundaries and revelled in their spirited confidence.
This autumn we dare you too… to bare, to say no, to say yes, to ask for more, to be louder, to fight harder, to be strong and bold and beautiful.

Explore the Dare To Bare look with our special collection

Here's what the girls had to say

Writer Deni Kirkova, 26:
"The girls all supported each other and we embraced our diversity, our individual and collective beauty. We owned our fierceness and our confidence rocketed, both individually and together, and we all made a new set of fierce and inspiring female friends."

Visual merchandiser Lexi Brown, 26, who had lost two-and-a-half stone after suffering from ulcerative colitis, which is similar to Crohn’s Disease, said:
“I was diagnosed with the condition a while ago and lost a load of weight. This was a great to get some confidence back!”

Carolina Uribe, 30, English student:
“I think it is a great way to show off the beautiful different shapes of the female body.”

Samantha Higgins, 20, fashion
contour student:

“This is all about seizing the day. Life is all about adventures and I have always loved to challenge myself.”

Rachel Atherley-King, 23, a physiotherapy student:
“It was a confidence test for me. I wanted to see if I had the guts to stand in the middle of London in my underwear. I have had anxiety issues in the past where I didn’t do anything and I thought this was a good way of properly testing if I have overcome them. I think I have!”

Chilli-Rae McCormack, 18, a make-up artist:
“I’ve loved Bluebella for a long time - it all about empowering women and its models always have strong, unique looks. It was a lot of fun and people’s reactions were great.”

Giorgia Sacco, 24, a fashion merchandiser:
“I wanted to prove something to myself that I am a confident person. I love the fact that all these fabulous women are all from different walks of life.”

Cheyanne March, 24, a medical PA:
“I wanted to challenge my inner naughtiness. I was nervous but excited.”

And thanks to the London bobbies keeping a watchful eye on us!