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Spring/Summer 2020 Lingerie Trends

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Bestseller | 65A-90G
Model showing off the Marseille black bra and it's fine embroidered mesh that's designed with a bold pattern of swirling florals. Marseille BH Schwarz

Marseille BH Schwarz

Normaler Preis €50.00

Best Seller
Bluebella model wearing the Marseille black lace suspender belt with matching sexy hosiery and black lace briefs. Marseille Strumpfhalter Schwarz

Marseille Strumpfhalter Schwarz

Normaler Preis €30.00

Best Seller
Marseille Slip Schwarz Marseille Slip Schwarz

Marseille Slip Schwarz

Normaler Preis €26.00

Lumi BH Schwarz Lumi BH Schwarz

Lumi BH Schwarz

Normaler Preis €50.00

Lumi String Schwarz

Normaler Preis €24.00

Marcella Langer Kimono Schwarz

Normaler Preis €56.00

Briar BH Schwarz Briar BH Schwarz

Briar BH Schwarz

€24.00 Ausverkauft

Here at Bluebella we pride ourselves on the quality and originality of our products, using the softest materials in the most innovative shapes to create beautiful lingerie that stands out from the crowd. This core ethos is clear in our SS20 collection, which we think is one of our best yet! Covering key lingerie trends for 2020, this collection is bold, beautiful and very Bluebella.

Like members of a family, each piece has a truly unique feel and distinct character whilst clearly being part of this particularly contemporary collection. Recurring elements unite the pieces, such as the terracotta theme that comes through so beautifully in Bellana, Fonteyn and Aurora. Terracotta takes centre stage in the stunning recolour of Alexandra, whose eyelash lace mirrors the delicacy of other pieces such as Francine and Jocasta. The key lingerie trends for 2020 are detailing and directionalism, with the embellishments of a collection like Mariana or Fawn rewarding close attention whilst the bold lines of Rhodes and Marllie create a striking image.

Not forgetting our sumptuous new nightwear! Everyone’s favourite kimono pjs Wren have had a lift in crisp ivory for a fresh, springtime look, whilst our design team have also been busy with totally new creations. The Atlanta cami and trouser set is a riviera dream, with loosely flowing trousers and a delicate lace cami you’ll be wearing as outerwear in no time. And if you like your lace you’ll love Eloisa, available both as a cami and short set and chemise.

So go on, tick off the lingerie trends for 2020 and add some Spring goodness to your wardrobe with these joyful pieces.