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Autumn/Winter 2017

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Natalia Body Schwarz

Normaler Preis €54.00

Best Seller
Karolina Korsage Karolina Korsage

Karolina Korsage

Normaler Preis €68.00

Best Seller
Karolina String Karolina String

Karolina String

Normaler Preis €16.00

Best Seller
Karolina BH Karolina BH

Karolina BH

Normaler Preis €48.00

Best Seller
Model wearing Bluebella's Karolina Suspender Thong in black. This adjustable thong is made of mesh with satin straps. Karolina String mit Strumpfhalter

Karolina String mit Strumpfhalter

Normaler Preis €36.00

Marina String schwarz

Normaler Preis €24.00

Marina BH Schwarz

Normaler Preis €54.00

Pandora BH Schwarz

Normaler Preis €50.00 Sonderpreis €30.00

Pandora String Schwarz

Normaler Preis €26.00 Sonderpreis €15.00

Heidi Strumpfhalter

Normaler Preis €30.00 Sonderpreis €17.50

Heidi String

Normaler Preis €22.00 Sonderpreis €12.50

Best Seller
Emilia BH Schwarz Emilia BH Schwarz

Emilia BH Schwarz

Normaler Preis €48.00

Emilia Ouvert-Slip Schwarz

Normaler Preis €24.00

Best Seller
Emilia String Schwarz Emilia String Schwarz

Emilia String Schwarz

Normaler Preis €20.00

Known for designs that embrace and push boundaries, the latest Bluebella collection takes the female form on a journey of unpredictable pleasure.

Inspired by the fluidity and movement of the body, the collection focusses on modern femininity. Using the body as a source of inspiration, fabrics such as chiffon, satin, mesh and lace create progressive pieces designed to mirror how the body feels, moves, and connects.

The spirit of the collection is brought to life through a blended colour palette of rose dust and midnight hues, to stir the imagination creating light and shadow against the skin.