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Oh you do like to tease!

Written by - Bluebella

You may or may not recall our famous (or infamous) ‘All Wrapped Up Body Bow’, which gained a bit of a reputation as the world’s most risqué piece of lingerie, and became quite the worldwide hit.  

All Wrapped Up Body Bow


"Give the gift of yourself, with this playful and sexy All Wrapped Up Body Bow!
Sometimes the best gift you can give is yourself, so why not give it wrapped up in this flirtatious body bow? Seal it with a kiss, and enjoy being unwrapped!"

After we unleashed it into the world, it received a wide-spanning reaction and left some fashion commentators a little flushed in the cheeks. While some found it cheeky and fun, others went so far as to call it bizarre! 

So for this Valentine’s Day we decided to stir things up a little again. We bring you its devilish sequel - the ‘Body Bow’ Alyssa Bra. Dubbed as a stylish way to ‘bring burlesque to the bedroom’, the chiffon bra playfully ties up in different ways, but unties at a gentle tug.

The ‘Body Bow’ Alyssa Set

"Provocative set in delicate black chiffon. The underwired bra has two wide chiffon ties which are fashioned into a bow across the bust, giving full or minimal coverage. The ties can be playfully worked in a variety of ways. The matching brief features a softly tied fixed bow and a gently elasticated waistband." 

We wanted to indulge you with a piece that we think strikes the perfect chord between delicate, sexy, and playful. 

To tie it up or untie? We’ll be leaving that to you temptresses.

Valentines Lingerie Body Bow Gift

Written by Stephanie Stapleton.

Recent Press on the Valentines 'Body Bow' Alyssa Set

DailyMail - Is this the most risqué lingerie set EVER? Brand unveils a bizarre £38 body bow underwear range that can be untied in the bedroom

The Sun - "Bra-lesque Remember the body bow? Now there’s a sexy bow BRA which wraps or unwraps your boobs like a Valentine’s pressie" 



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