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I do... but not yet. Check out our wedding sex survey!

Written by - Bluebella

More than half of couples don't have sex on their Wedding night

With the wedding season well under way for the summer, we thought we'd get down to the nitty gritty and really find out what goes on between the sheets on a couple's happiest day of their lives. After a long day, lots of champagne and plenty of emotions, how many couples actually get round to consummating their marriage on the same night? We surveyed 1,000 couples to find out...


The biggest stat from our survey was that more than half of couples don't have sex on their wedding night. We found that 52% of couples didn't do the deed largely because they were too tired or too drunk. 

We found that women's and men's reasons varied. Women found themselves not having sex because they were too tired (the most common answer), followed by wanting to wait for the perfect moment, being drunk or already travelling for their Honeymoon. Men, on the other hand, didn't do it largely because they were too drunk or wanted to carry on partying with their friends.  

We found that a third of couples surveyed consummated their marriage the morning after and one in ten didn't get round to doing it until 48 hours after tying the knot. 84% said that the sex, when they did get round to it, lived up to their expectations.

We also quizzed Brides on whether they bought special lingerie for their big day and we're happy to say that 89% of them do! 

Our founder Emily Bendell, who commissioned the survey, said:

"It’s good to see that so many couples are saying 'I don't' to wedding night sex. Couples are under so much pressure these days to have a 'perfect day' that it is refreshing that so many are defying expected norms and doing exactly what they want. If that means, saving the ‘wedding night’ until they can really enjoy it, then why not?

"It is great to see that so many brides are switching lingerie on their wedding day, too. For some brides that means wearing contour lingerie so they look amazing in their wedding dress and then something a little more provocative later... Bridal lingerie has evolved from the traditional to beautifully fashion-inspired collections." 

If you're a Bride-to-be, we have a gorgeous collection of wedding-ready lingerie so that you can do romance the Bluebella way... whenever you choose to do it. Check the range out here 

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