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The Top Fashion Bloggers To Put In Your Feed

Written by - Bluebella

Because Fashion Bloggers have taken style inspo to a whole other level...

There are so many fashion bloggers out there, which ones should you follow?

Here at Bluebella, we're lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with talented fashion bloggers from around the world, who wear our lingerie in seriously stylish and unique ways and in turn, hopefully, inspiring our customers with new ideas! So it's safe to say we know our bloggers pretty well and we've rounded up some of our favourites to help you decide who you should definitely put in your feed...

Nyane Lebajoa

This South African-born beauty is currently taking the UK social media scene by storm, especially on Instagram where she features incredible fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Recently styling up her favourite Bluebella products, the Nova and Vivienne, she shows off our lingerie in an impeccable way. Her day-to-day style is a perfect combination of pretty, chic and super cool - giving us serious wardrobe envy! Currently only posting on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr, Nyane has a website on the way... so be sure to keep your eyes peeled as she continues to become on of the biggest bloggers of the year.

Lily Kitten

One of the bloggers nominated in the upcoming Bloggers Blog Awards (in which we are sponsoring a category!), we love Lily Kitten's fun approach to blogging. She is bursting full of energy and teaches her followers everything they need to know in regards to style, life, food and more. Lily is heavily influenced by her hometown of Manchester and in doing so has won awards, worked with Vogue and partnered with the likes of Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. We love the way she styles up her every day casuals and her beauty tips are also great to know!

Olivia Emily

Olivia Emily is a UK-based fashion blogger using Instagram as her main hub for style musings. She posts frequently about her new purchases and has a long-standing love affair with the colour black, styling up sumptuous outfits that have a touch of gothic glam to them. She's previously posted about her favourite Bluebella bras which, of course, makes us love her even more. Check out Olivia for daily inspiration that you'll love.

In The Frow

In The Frow, AKA Victoria, is an award-winning style, lifestyle and travel blogger from Manchester. With a PHD in fashion and previously a Fashion Lecturer, Victoria is certainly the go-to expert for all things style related. We love her effortless, chic style that mixes high street with key designer one-offs whilst illustrating looks for countless occasions. With just under half a million Instagram followers and a huge YouTube fan base, in three years she has become one of the biggest names on the blogging circuit and continues to go from strength-to-strength.

Emily Cocklin

Oozing serious street style is Emily Cocklin, who balances her graphic designer career with styling her championed blogging looks. After studying Photography and Art & Design at college, Emily has a real eye for quality photos that make her platforms addictive. Her style draws on a lot of monochrome, textures and simple layering - making her the go-to blogger for wearable, every day looks. We love!

Remember to keep an eye out on our Instagram page for bloggers wearing Bluebella!

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