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Written by - Bluebella
Hands up if you love a personality quiz! 🙋‍

Whether it’s finding out what Disney character you are or what kind of capital city best suits you (we’re London through and through) there’s nothing more fun and nostalgic than counting up those As, Bs and Cs. So we thought we’d drop a treat into your inboxes, with our very own Bluebella personality quiz. Who will you be


    1. Your wardrobe is mostly full of

      1. Dresses and wrap-around skirts in silk and lace
      2. Black jeans, crisp white shirts – monochrome chic that looks and feels expensive
      3. Animal print and leather trousers. Oh, and sequins

    1. Your go to drink on a night out is

      1. A glass of prosecco (or two
      2. A vodka martini – shaken not stirred
      3. Sambuca. Flaming Sambuca

    1. Your favourite time of year

      1. Springtime – I just love to see the flowers bloom
      2. Autumn – I prefer my seasons with a little bit of mystery
      3. Summer. The hotter, the better, baby

    1. What’s your go to ice cream flavour? 🍩

      1. Strawberries and Cream
      2. I’m actually more of a sorbet kind of gal
      3. Salted Caramel. And Cookie Dough. Together

    1. Your ideal first date would be

      1. A visit to a sculpture gallery, followed by a three course meal with views of the Seine – did I not mention this is in Paris?
      2. Cocktails in a secret speakeasy with velvet sofas and a saucy live cabaret
      3. Sky diving. Or robbing a bank

    1. What TV series have you been most obsessed with recently? đŸ“ș

      1. Normal People – I’m not crying, you’re crying

      2. It’s this noir French thriller, you probably haven’t heard of it

      3. Killing Eve – that girl slays (like

    1. What’s the situation with your houseplants right now? đŸŒ”

      1. I have a flourishing collection of plant babies, each of which has a name
      2. I have one statement orchid that appears in all of my Instagram pictures
      3. There’s a very, very old cactus in the kitchen that belongs to my flatmate
does that count?

    1. If you were a perfume, you would be

      1. Light and floral
      2. A sharp citrus spritz
      3. Something spicy and irresistible

    1. What’s your last played on Spotify? Be honest 🎧

      1. Taylor Swift’s new album
      2. Some classic New Wave tunes – Tainted Love speaks to me
      3. How many times is too many times to play WAP

    1. Sensuality is

    1. Candle-lit baths
    2. Red lipstick and dancing
    3. All about adventure

If you answered mostly

A, you are Marseille, Romantic and Decadent

You are an old-fashioned romantic with an eye for the beautiful things in life. Classy and chic, you love decadence – more is more with you, whether that’s beautiful fabrics, gorgeous art or the finest of fine wines. Our opulent Marseille Set is the perfect match for your elegant sensibilities – pair with our Italian hosiery for a premium lingerie look.


B, you are Nova, Provocative and Contemporary

You are modern, chic and maybe even a little bit scary to those who don’t know you, with your sharp eye for fashion and aesthetics. Although you like to keep your style monochrome and minimal, your friends know you as a bit of a wild one – the life and soul of the dancefloor, who somehow always gets served first at the bar. Your match? Nova, aka provocative perfection.


C, you are Emilia, Directional and Edgy

You are a risk-taker, and life is an adventure for you, with more to explore around every corner. You are a big personality who lives for the weekends, and you love the unconventional things in life. The broad elasticated strapping of Emilia that can be adjusted for more (or less
) coverage is the ideal complement to your playful energy and bold attitude.
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