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Nyané, our Berlin babe

Written by - Bluebella

Nyané Lebajoa, our Berlin Babe

A look into the life of one of our favourite Instagram influencers

Instagram has been making major waves in the fashion industry since its conception all those years ago, as aesthetic is what it’s all about. Fashion brands, especially big designer houses, realised they could use the app to curate a collection of images that gave their loyal followers a sneak peek into the daily running of a designer, as well as the ability to showcase their product on real people wearing them in real life.

Instagram models, influencers and socialites continue to crop up left right and centre on our favourite social platform, showcasing their extraordinary day-to-day routines and letting us live vicariously through their beautifully curated feeds. They’re also the go-to-grams to follow if you want to keep up to date with new trends, new styles and new fashion releases.

With them we’ve been living the LA lifestyle, festivalling at Coachella and, through one of our all-time favourite girls Nyané Lebajoa, the pink-haired (though ever-changing) beauty who rose to internet stardom via her incredible Instagram content, we get to be immersed in the deliciously cool Berlin Lifestyle.

Bluebella Nightwear Pale pink Kimono

Nyané in our Pink Kimono

“I started Instagram in 2013, at the time I didn't take it too seriously and basically just uploaded anything and everything!” Nyané laughs, as we ask her to dish on the secrets to starting an unmissable blog. “I started blogging seriously about a year later and I was very surprised when I started gaining followers, but I already had quite a large following on Tumblr so I had a testing ground to see which posts do well and which don’t.”

Nyane Lebajoa in Bluebella Nightwear - Cecile Chemise

Nyané in Cecile Chemise

It’s not all as easy as it looks, and Nyané knows that from experience “It took almost a year from 400k to 500k followers so when I finally got there I was proud of myself!” And the it-girl, who originally hails from the UK, has a lot to be proud of! Currently cruising at over 620k followers she’s been making some serious waves in the fashion industry. But what does a blogger this big do day to day? “My routine is exactly the same from Monday to Friday. I do a morning workout then shoot some content, usually go for lunch and maybe some sketching or sewing in the evening.”

But Instagram is not where it ends for Nyané, “there's a lot of things I've accomplished that I’m proud of, like working with Goldsmiths Boutique and L’Oréal, but the best thing thus far is starting my own clothing line which I will be announcing very soon!” Although Nyané makes her own pieces from time to time, pretty soon we’ll all be able to get our hands on an original, or so we hope!

Residing in Berlin, Nyané currently describes her style as grunge-sort-of-gothic, and while she classes Ellen V Lora and her feline elegance as one of her own personal favourite ‘grammers, in reality her biggest style inspirations are people around her, most notably her boyfriend. “He is very creative so it pretty much works out living with someone who isn't afraid to think outside of the box.”

Bluebella Lingerie - Flynn Bra fishnet

Nyané in Flynn Bra

Platforms and lace dresses are her forte when it comes to leaving the house, but considering what we’re all about, we want to know what she’s rocking underneath her flawlessly put together garms. Her favourite pieces range from the delicate Amelie Body in Rose Dust, to the fierce fishnet of the Flynn Bra, cute cut outs of the Cecile Chemise and the chic chiffon Kimono, all styles on the current forefront of fashion. And if Nyané says it, it must be true!

Bluebella Lingerie - Amelie Body Rose Dust

Nyané in Amelie Body - Rose Dust

So how do budding young Instagrammers follow in her footsteps? “Just be you and don't be afraid to be different!” Wise words from an even wiser woman. We can’t wait to see what summer has in store…

Bluebella Nightwear Pale pink Kimono

Nyané in our Kimono - Pale Pink

Bluebella Nightwear - Meena Cami and Short Black

Nyané in Meena Cami and Short

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