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Bluebella Loves Christmas

Written by - Bluebella

All things Christmas and all things Bluebella. That’s how we like this time of year.


With Christmas and New Year just around the corner we line up everything that excites us about this time of year (and it’s not just nice knickers and killer basques).


Christmas jumpers – note in your diaries that December 16th is official Christmas Jumper day and we plan on rocking some stunning pieces. And for that extra bit of Bluebella why not wear the Nova under your knit for something to show off once the jumper comes off?

Mulled wine – the perfect drink to get yourself boozy and warm at the same time for the Christmas time. And it so happens here at Bluebella we make the best of the best mulled wine!

Mince pies – a good old mince pie can't beat anything. It’s the perfect antidote for even the coldest snows.


Secret Santa – this is a tricky one. It can go really well or really badly. But in order to ensure it does go well why not try something Bluebella. Cause who doesn’t love some properly cute nightwear and lingerie.

Christmas dinners – who doesn’t love a good roast?! This year we have a most exciting Christmas dinner planned. It includes cheese, wine and plenty of laughter. As a Christmas dinner should.


Love Actually – The classic British Christmas film. We all love it don’t we?! The perfect story of love and friendship. With some kickass lingerie that might not have been worn by our favourite but it still looked cute right?!


The Holiday – And here comes the controversy and the divided opinions. As much as we love Love Actally there has been some debate in our office on weather it is in fact the best. The Holiday offers a heart-warming story where you don’t have to keep track of a billion names. And set in both of our favourite places, beautiful English countryside and fabulously sunny LA.

Christmas music and a fireplace (even if it’s just the one off of Netflix) – the perfect Christmas playlist can make a Christmas so much better, cosier and warmer. The sing along is just a bonus.


Binge watching, binge drinking and binge eating – because binging is all life is about, especially at Christmas.


Gifts – ALL THE GIFTS. And even more so if they are Bluebella.



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