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Bluebella's City Break Guide

Written by - Bluebella

Our Favourite City Break Hot Spots

Because nothing beats jumping on a plane for a whirlwind weekend away...

We are at the height of summer but with many of us already feeling like our summer holiday was a lifetime ago, it's time to look ahead to what Autumn breaks can bring us. And a short, snappy city break is at the top of our agenda! From romantic getaways to the famous cities of love to the bustling nightlife of Berlin, we've picked our top five city breaks for you. Which one will you choose?


For unadulterated romance, the city that springs to mind is naturally Paris. The famous sightseeing that brings in most tourists are the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and The Louvre, however, the best of Paris is most definitely hidden behind the corners of the cobbled streets tucked away from plain sight. Here you can find treasure troves of where the locals hang out with the city's famous cafe culture in abundance or boutique shopping at its best. With endless options, Paris is a traditional yet endless love affair that shows no signs of abating.

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Fancy a visit to the west coast of Sweden? Then the country's second largest city, Gothenburg, is waiting for you. It's a beautifully compact city but the best way to explore is via the 17th Century canals that weave around this well-rounded city. By night, Gothenburg comes alive with quirky bars spilling out onto the kitsch cobbled streets and its restaurants are famed for serving world-class seafood. The coastal positioning of Gothenburg and stunning archipelago makes this a firm favourite for city breaks, boasting a wide portfolio of cool hangouts - definitely not one to be overlooked.

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Berlin is one of Europe's most vibrant cities, so if you are planning a get away with the girls then the cosmopolitan hub of Berlin won't disappoint. Known for its world-class nightlife that centers around hedonistic techno, it is fast becoming the destination in Europe for creative types, cementing it as an arts and music epicenter. However, this isn't all it has to offer. Although it doesn't perhaps have the breathtaking beauty of cities like Paris, it holds a fantastic history and has the most fascinating museums, which you can get to by hiring bikes. This renewed and enthusiastic city will definitely keep you on your toes with plenty to do.

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Set in Belgium, Bruges is one of the most scenic cities in the world. With its small cobbled lanes hosting an array of 17th Century culture and horse-drawn carriages, Bruges will be sure to send you back in time. Delicate houses line the canals and postcard picturesque market squares make this a hub for visitors from around the world. Explore and visit the edges of the city on bike and you'll see medieval narrow streets, windmills and plenty more to entertain you all day long. Plus, the beer is something else!

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Venice merits its reputation as being one of the most enchanting and beautifully romantic cities in the world - undoubtedly somewhere to visit with your loved one. The exquisite city that seems to float on water captures many elements of the perfect city break. Of course, wandering through the canals on a gondola and exploring the city is one of the most thought of attractions, however, Venice offers much more. Its impressive museums, historic churches and bright contemporary art can keep you occupied for days and are a must-see if you are wanting a trip to remember!

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