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Bluebella's Size & Style Guide

Written by - Bluebella

Confused with what size bra you should be wearing? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Buying a bra can sometimes feel like a minefield, especially if you buy a lot of your lingerie online. A well-fitted bra can completely transform how you feel – it will not only look better but can often totally change your whole posture. It’s important to have a regular fitting session with an expert and we do always recommend you do this but if you want to measure yourself at home, then here’s a few of our top tips.


  • 1. Grab a tape measure
  • 2. Firstly, measure the fullest part of your bust by making sure the tape measure is flat and horizontal against your back. This is the over-bust measurement
  • 3. Measure around your back, just underneath the bust, making sure the tape lies flat against the skin but not too tight. This is the under-bust measurement
  • 4. Compare the two measurements using this chart below. For example, if your under-bust measurement measured 34 inches and your over-bust measured 36 inches, there is a different of 2 inches, which means your bra size is 34B.

Styles - Now you've got your size, which to choose? Here are some of our favourite styles:

  • 1. Balcony: Suited to most shapes and sizes, the bacony bra is great for tops with a lower neckline. They are great for support but from a style point of view, are also great for those lower-cut outfits. Our Desire balcony bra is perfect for this!
  • 2. Soft Cup: If you want a really light-weight, super soft fabric then this is the style for you. Styles such as our Skylar are made with soft triangle cups and supported by comfortable elastic bands and functional straps. Ideal for smaller busts.
  • 3. Plunge: If you’re wanting a sexier style, a plunge shape can not only reveal more bust but also create a subtle cleavage. Ideal for tops which drape down further onto your bust. Check out our Angelina style.
  • 4. Open: Want to be a little more flirtatious? Opt for an open cup bra which shows off the bust in a gorgeously provocative way. Our Nova style, one of our most popular styles this summer, has floral motifs and directional strapping.


P.S Make sure you check out our Fitting Guide which is located at the bottom of our website - it's always there should you need it!

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